The Locality of Vacoas-Phoenix acceded to the status of a town in 1963 and was raised to the status of a Municipality in 1968.

The original Municipal Council area which was 13.22 sq km has been extended to 54 km2 in 1991 by the annexing of areas such as Belle Terre, Camp Fouquereaux, Cinq Arpents, Highlands, Henrietta, La Marie, Glen Park, Petit Camp, Valentina, Quinze Cantons, Solferino and Hollyrood. The population which was 42,000 in 1963 has now reached about 103,000 with an estimated 30,000 households.

The Town of Vacoas-Phoenix has a cool climate which is very conducive for agriculture and also offers a very pleasant living environment. One can find vast agricultural zones in the Town area where sugar cane and vegetables are grown on a large scale side by side with residential areas which offer modern facilities to the inhabitants. The town has also known major developments in both economic social fields and several commercial and industrial zones have been established within the limits of the town.

The geographic position of Vacoas-Phoenix has induced numerous major firms and commercial enterprises, government institutions and para-statal bodies to settle in this region.

In fact, the town is easily accessible through the motorway which links different parts of the country including the airport and the harbour. The sole brewery and the first hypermarket of the country are found in the Town.

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