Message of His Worship, Navin RAMSOONDUR,

 The Mayor of Vacoas-Phoenix

The newly elected Council which is in office since June 2015 has spared no effort to work in the best interest of the inhabitants of the town and implement projects as highlighted in our programme.

In spite of the budgetary constraints, the Council endeavours to give ample consideration to the needs and aspirations of the citizens of the town whilst deciding on policies. Every effort is being made to further improve on the quality of services as well as facilities extended to the citizens. Emphasis is being laid on eco-friendly and sustainable economic development in line with the policy of the Central Government. To this end, the Council has among other projects made proposal to the Central Government for the funding of a Civic Amenity Centre at Trois Mamelles for recycling of wastes and provision of compost sites at the outskirt of the town. I seize this opportunity to thank all my colleague Councillors, the Chief Executive, members of the staff and all the employees as well as the citizens of the town for their entire support and collaboration to achieve our objectives which are to work in total transparency in accordance with the principles of good governance and to be committed to innovation and to provide the best service through teamwork.




Mayor Town of Vacoas-Phoenix




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