Message of His Worship,  Mr F.Dowlut ,

 The Mayor of Vacoas-Phoenix


Dear Citizens,

It is indeed a great pleasure and privilege for me to address you as the newly elected Mayor of the town of Vacoas/Phoenix.

My motto would be one of continuity to carry on with the good work which started two years back and my priorities will be as follows:

        ·         Resurfacing of roads

        ·         Construction of new roads

        ·         Construction of drains

        ·         Extension of street lighting network


With regards to new projects for the citizens of Vacoas/Phoenix, I will come up with the construction of synthetic football pitches, open gyms, children’s playgrounds and social halls and our main development project will be the construction of a modern swimming pool in the town, a project long overdue.


As regards the Welfare of the citizens, I will ensure all the infrastructure and facilities are fully operational.


In the very crucial field of public health, the scavenging service needs to be modernized and made more dynamic. Every day, 130 tons of wastes are collected and evacuated. It is high time to work towards a solution for efficient waste management which may be summed up by the 3 R’s, namely, Reduce, Recycle and Re-use. Such an ambitious objective can be achieved only with the collaboration of the Ministry of the Environment and the Central Government. A pilot site will be identified for the launching of the project.


Citizens will also have to be sensitized to collaborate fully to pave the way towards success to ensure that our coming generations inherits a healthy environment.


In this connection, the citizens will be motivated and given facilities to actively participate in clean-up campaigns.


Schools, colleges, youth clubs and NGO’s amongst others will be invited to participate in a massive clean up Campaign of the town.


Mr F.Dowlut


Mayor Town of Vacoas-Phoenix





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