Administration Department
Chief Executive
Mr Shyam Teeluck
Deputy Chief Executive
Mrs Hema Busgeeth
Tel No. 697 6780

Assistant Chief Executive
Mrs Ashni  Banerjee
Mr Rooben Ramsamy
Tel no: 6973178
Finance Department Financial Controller
Mrs Madhvi Nundloll
Tel. No. 697 7061
Principal Accountant
Mr D Narroo
Tel No. 697 7683
Ag Purchasing Officer
Mr Chaytunyasingh saulick
Procurement Office
Mrs Domun
Tel No. 6978271
Public Health Department

Chief Health Inspector
Mr U.K.Dookhooah
Tel: 696 1267
Ag Chief Health Inspector
.Mr R Bundhoo
Tel. No. 696 1267
Principal Health Inspector
Mr R Bundhoo
Tel No. 6976791
For queries regarding Scavenging Service
(collection of daily refuse, lorry service, road sweeping)
Mr K Beefnah - Senior Health Inspector
Tel: 697 2975/76/77
Mr I.Jauffur - Health Inspector
Mrs Berthelet-Henriette M.B.N - Health Inspector

For queries regarding Cemetery & Market

Mr S Ranghoo- Health Inspector

  Tel. No: 6965269

For queries regarding Market & Fairs

Miss M.A.D.W Soopramanien-
Health Inspector
Mrs G.Bhunjun – Health Inspector
Miss Summun – Health Inspector
Tel. No: 6864306

For queries regarding Classified Trade Mr Beefnah-Senior Health
Mr   K.Quedou – Clerical Officer
Tel. Nos: 6962975/76/77

Public Infrastructure Department Ag Head, Public Infractructure Department
 Mr T.K.Seetul
Tel. No. 686 9585
Civil Engineer
Mr T.K.Seetul.
Tel No. 698 2006
For general queries and complaints Mr N.Reemul- Chief Inspector of Works
                Tel No 697 7480 
For queries and complaints regarding Street Lanterns Mr Ramasawmy 
For queries and complaints regarding Road Maintenance Mr R.Nuthersaib -  Inspector of works
For queries and complaints regarding Drains Mr Christian Magdeleine

For queries regarding Traffic Signs & Road Markings Mr M.Ramnaggessur - Inspector of Works
For queries and complaints regarding Parks, Garden & green Space Mr Tooraub
Tel :6962975/76/77
Land Use and Planning Department Head, Land Use and Planning Department
Mr Y Cundasamy
Planning and Development Officer
Miss H. Ramroop
Planning Department Hotline
Head Planner
Planning and Development Officer

For queries and complaints regarding application in connection with Development Permit, Building Permit, Excision of land/ Subdivision among Heirs etc.

Management Support Officer: Mrs Mungur Vidushi

Planning and Development Assistant : Mr P.Jeewootah & Mr A. Sumputh

Tel : 696 2975/76/77 Ext 251


Planning and Development Inspectors:Mr H.Lobin and Mrs M.Jowaheer

Tel : 696 2975/76/77 Ext 255


Planning and Development Assistant: Mrs V. Jayram


Tel : 696 2975/76/77 Ext 241

Welfare Department Chief Welfare Officer
Mrs J Soopal 
Tel No 698 9658
A.g Chief Welfare Officer
Mr K.Dusoyea
Tel No. 697 6790
For Queries regarding Reception Hall & Socio-Cultural activities Ms. R. Raamphul
Senior Welfare Officer.
Mrs. Ratna Dobee – Senior  Welfare Officer
For queries regarding Social Halls & Maison des Loisirs Mr Amit Muckhoo– Ag. Senior Welfare Officer
For Queries regarding Gymnasium, Volleyball and Football ground & Sports activities Mr Amit Muckhoo– Ag. Senior Welfare Officer
Ms H. Ramgutty- Welfare Officer

For Queries regarding Kindergartens & Children Playgrounds – Senior Welfare Officer
Library Services

Senior Librarian
Mrs. S. Fazall
Tel No. 697 6767


Mr Mario Maurice

Miss Marie Nathalie Desroches

Senior Library Officer
Mr A. Bhonah


Customer Care Hotline                             686 9539                                 


686 5395


606  3518

Local rates

697 3205



696 2975
696 2976
696 2977

Fax (Registry):

696 4668

Customer Care Service

696 2975
696 2976
696 2977



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