The Land use and Planning Department is responsible for all matters pertaining to development of land as provided in the Town & Country Planning Act, the Planning & Development Act 2004 and the Building control Act 2012. As such the department is responsible for the following:

1. Issue of Building & Land Use Permits for the following:
     (i) Construction of walls
     (ii) Construction of buildings
     (iii) Causing a material change in the use of a building or land
     (iv) Excision of a portion of land or subdivision of land among heirs (subject to the Morcellement Act)

2. Attending to complaints with regard to development of land

3. Prosecuting cases of unlawful development/construction

4. Making recommendations to the Morcellement Board for Morcellement Permits, to the Land Conversion Committee for Land Conversion Certificates and to the Ministry of Environment for E.I.A Licenses and Preliminary Environmental Reports.

Application for permits
Checklist of documents to be submitted and Fees
Approval by Permits & Business Monitoring Committee
Do's & Don'ts
Development without permit


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